You guys love our mattress

Wouldn't hesitate to recommend!
By James Verified Purchase

This is the first non-sprung mattress we've had but I've got to say we're a fan! Takes a bit of getting used to at first but after a few nights we were both sleeping much better and our backs, which used to ache of a morning, feel much better too. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend the mattress.

I actually had a few queries prior to placing the order and found their staff to be a pleasure to deal with too.

I sleep like a bear
By Anita K Verified Purchase

My old mattress was at the end of its life so we decided to take a gamble with one of these online mattresses. I looked at a few different companies but the Brighter mattress seemed to have the best reviews in the magazines.

After ordering the mattress I recieved a phone call from a lady explaining that I hadn't chosen weekend delivery (this was on Friday) but she kindly updated it or free. The next morning I recieved an email from ParcelForce explaining when my mattress would arrive and if I wanted to change the timeslot.

Mattress arrived at around 2.30 and me and my husband carried it upstairs and unrolled it onto the bed. It took a few hours but the mattress came to life and 'inflated'. We couldnt resist jumping on it!

First nights sleep was okay, second was AMAZING. Very comfortable. It feels a little bit like your body is floating.

Great Experience
By Elaine Livingstone Verified Purchase

Love my new mattress! Would definately recommend. Absolutely delighted with the service.

By poly Verified Purchase

Fantastic product for the price. Quality is fantastic. Never slept better in my life. Delivery driver was late but that wasnt Brighters fault. 4 stars.

By Beverley E Verified Purchase

I suffer with extreme lower back pain from a car accident twenty years ago. This mattress is the first mattress to considerably reduce the pain I was suffering.

Asthma sufferer
By Lisa Price (Manchester) Verified Purchase

My daughter suffers from asthma and we have to be very careul with what she is exposde to. This mattress some how helps clear the room up. Ordered a single but saving up for a King for me! Thanks Brighter

By Linda

So comfortable. Customer support was fantastic.

Most comfortable thing I've slept on...
By Dean J Verified Purchase

I like it

Does what it says on the box
By Paul Verified Purchase

Better nights sleep. Took a few days to get used to the new style of mattress. Love it now. Would recommend, just make sure you open the window when you unroll.

Better than EVE!
By John J Hertz Verified Purchase

Sent my Eve mattress back and tried Brighter instead. This is much better. I absolutely love it.

Loved the inside of the box
By Zoey Deacon Verified Purchase

WOW! my daughter absolutely loves her new mattress almost as much as she loves the box it came in. Really great that you have a play mat inside the box, very clever! She sleeps really well on her new mattress so I think she's happy!

We haven't looked back!
By Andrew J Verified Purchase

We bought a Super King mattress from Brighter and have never looked back since. The mattress arrived promptly and came well packaged in a cardboard box. We opened the box (DONT USE A KNIFE) and placed the mattress on the bed. We was expecting it to take 24 hours to inflate but it seemed done after about 2.

My wife works night-shift which meant that we would often wake each other up getting in and out of bed for work. Thankfully, the brighter mattress seems to have some how resolved this issue. I think this is something to do with the memory foam. Impressed.

Great mattress, shame about delivery
By Breiver Verified Purchase

Mattress is brilliant. Customer service excellent. The delivery company (parcelforce) lost my mattress on the first delivery attempt! Brighter resended me a mattress and it arrived next day. Great product but delivery company needs work!

Thanks brighter team
By Shannon Verified Purchase

Thank you for the advice. I changed my order accordingly. Really knowledgable staff. Especially Andrew. Thank you. Thank you.

Thanks brighter team
By Shannon Verified Purchase

Very good and cheap. Considered paying more for a luxury brand but my mate had bought your mattress last year and said how good it was. He wasn't wrong.

By Geoff Verified Purchase

I didn't hear about Brighter before now. They will be famous before long!

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