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What is the brighter mattress made of?
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Next Day memory foam mattress brighter mattress co

The base layer of our mattress is a polyurethane foam with a depth of 12.5cm and a 33kgm3 density which results in 120 Newtons of hardness.

In the middle we have a 5cm deluxe layer of softer memory foam with a 50kgm3 density a third of the hardness.

A final layer of 4.5cm memory foam tips it all off. This is the same density but slightly harder than the mid layer, meaning that it will gently mould itself around the contours of your body.

How does the brighter mattress feel?
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Our mattress is soft and supportive, molding to the contours of your body in all the right places. Certain areas are firmer than others, offering the optimum level of support to the places that need it.

How is the brighter mattress different to traditional foam mattresses?
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We use high quality, luxurious polyurethane foam in the Brighter mattress. This unique combination of luxury and multiple density foams situated throughout the mattress, offer the right level of support where and when it is needed.

Traditional foam mattresses come with a five to seven year guarantee, whereas the Brighter mattress comes with a ten year guarantee.

Can the brighter mattress help with backpain?
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The right mattress with adequate relief of the pressure points can help with back-pain. Each case is different to the individual so we cannot claim that the Brighter mattress will help with your back pain, however our mattress has been proven to help with back pain in our studies.

Luckily we offer a 100 day return policy so you can try the Brighter mattress and see if it helps with your back pain.

How deep is the brighter mattress?
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The Brighter mattress is 220mm deep.

Why do you sell only one mattress?
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We only sell one mattress because we believe the Brighter mattress is the only mattress that you will ever need. After putting a lot of hard work, research and science into producing the Brighter mattress we are proud of our accomplishment.

Why does the brighter mattress come in a box?
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Traditional mattresses are unwieldy, heavy and impossible to manage on your own. The Brighter mattress comes packed inside our Brighter box for convenience and portability.

Packaging our mattress into a box allows us to fit more boxes onto our vans and reduce the impact on the environment. This also offers you easy storage and manouverability.

How big is the box?
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The Brighter mattress box is approximately 1085mm tall, 405mm wide and 402mm deep.

How heavy is the brighter mattress?
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A Single mattress weighs 14kg, a Double mattress weighs 22kg, a Kingsize mattress weighs 27kg and a Super King size mattress weighs 33kg.

Where is the brighter mattress made?
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The Brighter Mattress is manufactured in the United Kingdom of Great Britain - or if you will , 'old Blighty' - at our National Bed Federation approved facility.

How much is delivery?
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We offer next day delivery completely free of charge.

Do I need to be at home for delivery?
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Someone above the age of 18 will need to be in the premises at the date of delivery to sign for the Brighter mattress.

How can I clean the brighter mattress?
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We recommend spot cleaning the Brighter mattress .

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