Enjoy a 100 day trial on us.

Rest assured knowing that you have 100 days to be 100% happy with your mattress, or we’ll pop out and collect.

Chat to one of our friendly sales/support team.

A Brighter Experience

Ever noticed the way you buy
a mattress has been the same for as long as you can remember?

We’ve re-imagined the whole mattress buying experience.

As pioneers of the digital age, we have revolutionised the mattress buying experience. We have made it easy and convenient to buy your new mattress online.

Gone are the days of scouring show rooms and testing dozens of mattresses in search of the 'right' one. Thanks to our clever mattress scientists (and perhaps a little magic too) we have engineered the perfect mattress solution.

We only sell one mattress because we honestly believe you only need one mattress. A mattress that gives you that 'ahhh' feeling. A mattress that leaves you feeling brighter.

The technical bit.

You can find the full terms of our 100 day trial on our terms and conditions page.

Upon your purchase of a brighter mattress (congratulations, yeah!) you will have 100 days from delivery to get acquainted with your new mattress. If - for any reason - within those 100 days you decide that you and your brighter mattress don't get along, we will issue you a no quibble refund.

Please Note: As a responsible company with genuine concern for the environment, there is a nominal fee (£50) which we use to ensure your used mattress is responsibly recycled.